Cranbury Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Cranbury Housing Associates

Cranbury Housing Associates (CHA) is a non-profit organization established in 1963 for the purpose of implementing and managing the Township affordable housing programs.  The organization has a twelve member Board of Directors who are nominated and elected by the general membership.  Membership in CHA is open to the public for a small fee.

Piazza & Associates is the property management company which CHA has contracted with to manage its affordable housing properties. They maintain the properties as well as applications for affordable housing.

Volunteer Application to serve on the
Committees, Boards, and Commissions


Mark Berkowsky President 2011
Elizabeth Silverman Vice President 2011
Kim Adams Member 2011
Pam Simmons Member 2011
Leslie May   Member 2012
Mary Ellen Larson  Member 2012
Peter Wise  Member 2012
Mel Lehr    Member 2012
Sheila Handel  Member 2013
Mike Kaiser Treasurer 2013
Helene Hughes


Fay Kobland   Member 2013
Christopher Tarr Attorney  
Frank Piazza    Property Manager